Vintage WWII M42 Paratrooper Jump Jacket

Vintage WWII M42 Paratrooper Jump Jacket

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  • Original WWII 1942 Paratrooper Jump Jacket 
  • Size 38R - Fits modern M/L



The M42 Jump Jacket was made in early 1942 for the 82nd Airborne Division and issued to the 101st Airborne in the summer and the 17th Airborne in 1943. For recruits, the uniform was olive drab and for combat troops it was khaki, with four slanted pockets oppose to the straight facing pockets of the infantry. It was used by the Airborne in combat in Sicily, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium and Germany. It was eventually replaced by the M43 Jump Jacket.

Paratroopers were WWII’s wild bunch. The entire concept of airborne infantry was completely new and had not been used extensively until WWII.